Discipleship  Mentoring Group

of ministry and business. Jerry also holds a degree in theology from Life Christian University. God uses them mightily in the gifts of the Spirit as they minister the Word. Their heart is to encourage you in finding God's plan for your life and equip you to fulfill your destiny. Together with their combined years of experience, they cover a full spectrum of knowledge, wisdom, and insight which is beneficial to you for a well-rounded, in-depth, discipleship and mentoring experience.


What does this discipleship mentoring group include?


  • Weekly encouragement via phone, text, email, mp3 download, or a live stream message on facebook.  

  • Monthly, pre-scheduled guest speakers from around the world, ready to share a timely word of encouragement to you, via live stream broadcast. This live broadcast will include personal ministry time for you, the individual connected with us through this program.

  • The interactive Connect Lounge, a members-only area where you view the pre-recorded live stream monthly video or special messages and interact with the content for feedback. You are also able to chat live in the lounge with Anita and Jerry as well as other interns online. You will receive a password to the lounge upon approval of your application.

  • Optional classes will be available on the subjects of relational evangelism, the baptism of the Holy Spirit, laying on of hands for healing and working of miracles.

  • Every quarter, Anita and Jerry will hold a public meeting in a location, which may be near you. These meetings are an excellent time to invite friends and family to join you as you partake of the goodness of God together and with others on the team. As part of the team, you have the opportunity to be a part of the meeting in some capacity. Being involved in onsite meetings is considered part of your "on the job training" and "activation" for the gifts in you, which we offer in our program. It is also where you will gain experience operating in the gifts of the Spirit such as healing the sick, working of miracles, along with prophetic utterance to edify, exhort and comfort.


If you are interested in joining  "Unlocking the Gift in YOU!" discipleship mentoring group, please fill out the application form by clicking the link below, and you'll hear from us shortly. 


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  The Staff

  Unlocking the Gift in You! 

Find your race, Run your race & Finish your race with joy!

"Unlocking the Gift in YOU!"  is a discipleship and mentoring group offered by Anita and Jerry Orr. It is designed to encourage, equip and activate you in your giftings and launch you into the unique destiny God has for you.


Anita is the pioneer of  "Unlocking the Gift in YOU!" She is an author, and speaker and holds a Masters Degree in theology from Life Christian University. Anita has 27 years

of experience in ministry, teaching, preaching and in various aspects of discipleship training.


Jerry has over 30 years of experience and has served both in the pulpit and different aspects

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