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Our product is our specialty, our Intuitive Acrylic Paintings on a 4" x 4" Stretched Canvas for $30. They are a great unique gift idea for any reason and every season when it comes to that special someone. How it works is, you fill out the order form below with your information and in the description area, share the name and full mailing address of the individual to whom we are sending the painting.

Please feel free to share general information if you like, however, this is optional. For example; favorite color or general topics such as sailboats, trains, outer space or if you see something in our gallery that you prefer, please make mention of it under the recipient's name in the order form. We'll leave the rest of the details up to the intuitive guidance of Creator Himself to lead us in creating a one of a kind painting for you or your loved one. After you fill out the form, click "Send" and then the "Buy Now" button to pay for the item. Once your payment is confirmed you will receive an email from us, informing you that payment was received and your order is being processed. Once processed you'll receive a second email with an estimated date your painting will ship. Also, included in with your painting will be any prophetic insight Anita received while she was painting your specific piece. These typewritten words are known to bring encouragement, comfort, and confirmation to the recipient. We trust you will enjoy our paintings!


Thank you,

Anita Marie

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